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5 Reasons to be a 红衣主教


We are the 红衣主教s of 萨吉诺谷州立 大学 -- defying expectations and guiding student exploration.  Here, bright minds learn and grow with one another.  在这里,你会发现.  Here, you'll take flight.

1 of 5%
of business schools worldwide accredited by the AACSB
1 of 7%
of universities recognized by The Carnegie Foundation for Community Engagement
One of the largest Nursing (BSN) and Social Work (BSW) programs in 密歇根.
Moot Court team in 密歇根 and 17th nationally among 425+ competitors
Undergraduate formula racing team globally ranked for student-engineered racecar
国际 students from 59 different countries


Our students aren't lost in the audience of a giant lecture hall; they are standing center stage presenting research to Ph.d's and graduate students around the world - from Oxford university's Global Conference on business and economics to the National Neurotrauma Society Symposium. Faculty across the five colleges include you in their work and seek out experiences to help you grow.

What makes an 海洋之神app education valuable?

Annual 成本 of Attendance (w/housing): $21,505

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